How is machine learning used in Fitness Industry and focusing on reshaping the individual habits of people.

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By Noah Cyrus
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Over the years, Artificial intelligence has become a crucial part of the fitness industry. The artificial intelligence solutions used in fitness have been revolutionizing the industry. AI is now focusing on reshaping the individual habits of people. Many fitness products uses AI to maximize the use of machine learning and understanding the users. AI detects the type of exercise based on your motion, also uses data about sleep patterns, diet choices or exercises to offer recommendations towards healthier lifestyle.

AI easily helps to track health behaviors and repetitive exercise patterns in gyms. It then helps to use this data to guide you towards your fitness goals. AI and machine learning solutions connect with your smartphones and smartwatches to give you accurate results. AI in fitness aims at making consumers healthier and smarter. An AI-based personal trainer is the next big thing in the fitness industry. Apps that are driven by AI help you to achieve your fitness goals. Fitness AI apps are designed in a way they can offer personalized fitness charts and lifestyle plans.

The apps help to tailor plans based on eating habits, fitness level, and your body mass index. The apps check your workout pattern and correct you if you are going wrong. This is just as a trainer would do. ML integrate your smartphone and use your phone camera to get real-time feedback for your workouts in a one to one setting.

AI-powered fitness software may make a workout more interesting and enjoyable. Here, we have listed some top fitness apps which work on AI and machine learning models.


FitnessAI for iPhone uses artificial intelligence to generate personalized workouts for each user. This app began as a gym-only app, but it recently shifted gears to accommodate the growing demand for at-home exercise. According to the seller, this software’s algorithm has been trained on 5.9 million exercises, the AI optimizes sets, reps and weight for each exercise every time you work out.


Freeletics, unlike FitnessAI, does not promise to be better than a human trainer. Despite this, it is advertised as Europe’s #1 fitness app, allowing users to work from anywhere while receiving AI-assisted physical fitness instruction. The app’s coaching algorithm provides exercise and nutrition advice based on user input, scientific research, and personal preferences.

Aaptiv Coach

Aaptiv Coach, the company behind a famous audio-based fitness software, has announced the introduction of a new service. Personal fitness and lifestyle programs are personalized to each user based on their particular objectives, current exercise levels, eating habits, and data gathered through wearable devices such as a wristwatch or activity tracker by an AI-based assistant.

This is the most popular health and fitness app in India. helps you to keep you fit & healthy through a range of holistic offerings that include fitness and yoga, healthy meals, mental wellbeing and primary care. To boost user experience and growth, the app’s designers rely significantly on big data and artificial intelligence, with machine learning (ML) being used to build exercise regimens.


Whoop is the latest, most advanced fitness and health wearable available which can monitor your recovery, sleep, training, and health, with personalized recommendations and coaching feedback. The wearable can help you sleep better and recover faster. WHOOP measures and accumulates your training activities and daily effort with a Strain score that helps you understand when to rest or push.


The world’s best rowing coaching app Asensei is a linked iOS coaching software that allows Olympic athletes and world-class trainers to supervise and monitor their training. Asensei track your split times, your stroke rates and use them to push you perfectly to your potential. Customers may now follow coaching programs while benefiting from the newest artificial intelligence technology.


Fitbod’s training algorithm understands your strength-training ability, studies your past workouts and adapts to your available gym equipment. Fitbod creates customized training routines for its customers that change over time depending on their objectives and success. It maximizes outcomes by using several algorithms and machine learning (ML) to modify training volume based on previous exercises. Fitbod fills in the sets, reps and weight for each exercise based on strength-training best practices.As you get stronger or master exercises, Fitbod adapts to push you a bit harder in your next workout.


Personal training with real-time feedback on technique and fun + interactive workouts to prevent injuries & get fit. InfiGro is a completely automated AI-based digital personal trainer software that uses your phone camera to coach, evaluate, correct, and inspire you in real-time. Infivolve’s InfiGro transforms your phone into a fitness trainer.


Gymfitty isn’t just another fitness app loaded with pre-recorded workouts. Gymfitty monitors your performance in real-time and adapts your workout accordingly, just as if you have your trainer right there alongside you.Gymfitty delivers intelligent exercises based on your performance rather than pre-recorded routines.