My Websites URL blocked By Facebook | How To Unblock?

My Websites URL blocked By Facebook
Tell Facebook about Block- Feedback submission form

Facebook blocked the url to my website when sharing a page link from my website. How can I get it unblocked? You may have faced this error after copying and pasting the link : You can’t post this because it has a blocked link - error. Please remove this link to continue.

If you think you’re seeing this by mistake , please let us know. Message from Facebook with a link directing you to submit your feedback to facebook team.

Facebook treats your pagelink like their spam or something not safe.

Reason Why Was the Website URL Banned by Facebook from sharing in its platform.

After checking your website on Sucuri, the malware detection platform you may find that your website hadn't been black listed or had any malware detected. You can also try sharing it on other social media networks aside from Facebook and Instagram. If found no problems. The form submission can helpful to you.

At some instances the security advisory websites (McAfee’s advisor) may have tagged your website and might have blacklisted as malicious. This can also be the cause for facebook and instagram blocking your web sites. Once your websites gets the green safeguard signal this may unblock your url. Try the form below which can help you.

Solution to Remove URL blocked By Facebook

To Remove this Block You can fill a form and submit to facebook. At first fill this form and let the Facebook Team know about your issue. In this case your URL will be unblocked soon. You can find the form here. Unblock Website/Content Form by Facebook

You can find the form here. Unblock Website/Content Form by Facebook

Create a Facebook ad, website click (or link click). So that facebook will verify your web site before approving the ad. After doing this , within minutes your website will be removed from facebook’s blacklist. Try with low cost ads. Easily Your posts get unblocked.

Ask for fan/ friends help

You can ask for help from your facebook friends to report that you link not spam. Many more good report to facebook will make your link allowed by facebook. Have You tried this. It works and can help you to remove this link block.

You can also try this : Do not copy and paste the link. Try typing the link into facebooks post form. In some case It works. Sometimes featured images won’t appear in the posting. But link works and redirect to your website.

Web report or Most bloggers have an idea that :