Can i run After effects with 4GB DDR4 RAM and i3 processor. What are the other possibilities.

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Keep editing, keep creating with After Effects matters for a real creator because that’s what creativity matters in our world!. If You have started to use VFX, learning After Effects is must one.

Firstly, after looking into the reviews posted by other people in creativity blogs and they’re quite correct but wrong too! Yes, you need at least 8GB RAM to render 3D projects faster. 4GB is quite good for like 10–20 seconds render but not enough for huge video effects rendering. I’ve run Adobe After Effects in 4GB and it worked really awesome but took a lot of time to render. Also, a multi core CPU is ideal to reduce your CPU load and fry it. An Intel Core (TM) i5 processor or greater is good for rendering visual effects in after effects.

What the faults the people have faced with After Effects

No, 4GB ram is good but you’ve to be patient while rendering simple VFX or and not 3D video. An Integrated Intel HD Graphics should work fine unless it’s 4000 series or lower which is really hopeless. If you want to run Ray Tracing and render them, yes you need a decent GPU to render and prevent your PC to freeze or stop working. Also, After Effects needs a good refresh rate monitor as it renders RAW data (.AVI file). If you have a 60Hz monitor, you video will lag a lot. But, you can convert them to MPEG-4 (.MP4) and see it without lag and stutters!

Same is true with After effects, when you are sitting waiting for a render or working on effects like particles or doing any of the advanced effects stuff, you should always have more RAM capacity. Hell I know people sitting on 64 gigs of RAM and still complaining in rendering huge effects compositions. It’s all about your needs and ability to afford. If you are starting out, either learning or doing small gigs, it might be enough for now but make sure you always have an option to upgrade (increase) if you are getting a new system your motherboard should support those upgrade. Mind it.

Is 8GB RAM 2GB GFX and i3 processor enough to run after effects CC?

Yes it is possible…you must use After efffects CC 2015 or lower like CS6 or CS3 and you can use it perfectly. But I would suggest You to install a SSD of minimum 500 Mbps read write speed which will render your projects faster. Please do not try any After Effects CC2020 version in your PC. This will slow down and may damage your PC.